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Varun Ballistic Rhino Mountain Ebike
Varun Ballistic Rhino Mountain Ebike
Varun Ballistic Rhino Mountain Ebike
Varun Ballistic Rhino Mountain Ebike
Varun Ballistic Rhino Mountain Ebike
Ballistic (Rhino) is your convenient city and mountain roads commuter at an affordable price.
As for Ballistic, you could also call it "Rhino". Our goal with the Ballistic Rhino, is to develop convenient high quality, Off-Road Ebike suitable for
 City commute, Mountain Trails and even the Beach!!!
 at a price point that is friendly to everyone. 
 With a high quality carbon steel frame,
 Highly adjustable seat, and a 7 speed gearbox, by Shimano.
A removable battery that provides up to 45 miles of range.
Powered by a custom 900 watt motor, the Ballistic is jam packed with features, 
that make it a great city and mountain roads commuter.
 Being one of the biggest available, it is running on 26'' x 4" wheels, 
the Ballistic is more powerful and great for traversing the bumpy roads, 
The Puncture Resistant fat tires can help you Conquer all terrains.
High quality carbon steel frame

As cross-country bike or a mountain bike, we put in extra effort to ensure the bike would conveniently fit the lifestyle of a city or rural dweller.To make sure the bike wasn’t too heavy with out sacrificing strength, we chose to build our frames from carbon steel. This material allows the bike to be light and strong without carrying the high cost of more exotic materials like carbon fiber.
Carrying multiple batteries 
can help you get more range.
Ballistic features a 806wh removable battery made of high-quality cells that could easily be swapped on the field. 
 On full EV mode the battery and motor can power the bike 
for over 20 mph, more than enough for the average commute.
 In power assist mode over 40mph!!
Get range and power with our battery configurations.
If you need more range, you can always carry another pack with you and swap it when the battery runs low. And you can easily take out the battery without removing the seat.
Shimano 7-Speed transmission & 
3 power modes & 4''x4'' fat tires.
EV mode, Power (Pedal) assisted mode and pedal mode, you can switch any mode at any time according to your needs during riding.The Ballistic electric bike is equipped with Shimano 7-speed transmission to give you a wider range of action, 4''x4'' in puncture-resistant fat tires adapt to different terrains.
Hydraulic suspension and high quality dual disc brakes.
VARUN Ballistic electric bike is equipped with high-strength hydraulic suspension front fork and rear shock absorption system to allow you to ride smoothly on bumpy roads. High quality front and rear disc brakes provide stronger and more sensitive braking for safe stopping in any weather. In addition, you can also adjust the strength of the braking system according to your habits.
90% pre-assembled significant parts
Ballistic e-bike comes with 90% pre-assembled significant parts. Some simple parts are left for you to enjoy hands-on fun. Also, there is a tutorial you can find on the product page.
Key features of Ballistic.
1. Powerful 900 Watt Motor 
2. 7-SPEED transmission by Shimano 
3. High quality removable battery
4. Hydraulic suspension front fork
5. Hydraulic rear shock absorber
6. High quality dual disc brakes
7. On-demand throttle & pedal assist 
8. 26"x4" Puncture-resistant fat tires
9. Bright headlight & LCD display 
10. High quality carbon steel frame & adjustable seat
EV mode range: 55-75 km | 35-45 miles (Rider: 140 lbs)
Pedal assisted mode range: 60-80km | 40-50 miles (Rider: 140 lbs) 
Max speed: 20 mph
Incline: 15%-30% Gradient
Dimension: 77in x 26in x 45in
Weight: 77 lbs 
Rider weight limit: 330 lbs 
Fast charge time: 4-6 hrs
Light: Head light 
Wheel size: 26'' x 4'' 
Number of Speeds: 7 
Waterproof rating: IP65 
Tire size: 4'' x 4''
Horn: mechanical horn 
Display: LCD display
Unique Suspension Fork 
Drive: One-Wheel Drive 
Battery: 806Wh
Motor: 900 Watts
Drivetrain: Electric Motor Drive
Brakes: Regenerative (Restore 5% of battery)
Ballistic electric bike x1 
Standard charger x1 
Tools x 1 
Instruction manual x1

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