Ecomobl's innovative design and attention to detail ensure a high quality product that you will enjoy for many years. Our unique planetary gears, eliminates belts, forever.

                    Off-road wheels may look inflatable but they are not, inside the tyres there is a honeycomb type of rubber, instead of tubes so you won't have to worry about flat tyres again.  
     M24  AWD : 35 - 43 kms max range.
    ET 2WD All Terrain: 32 - 40 kms
Our revolutionary motor positioning is a game changer. Our planetary gear motors are not your traditional "hub" motors.  Our motors have fewer moving parts (reducing friction) and are easy to maintain.  We removed the motors from behind or under the board where they are vulnerable and utilized the dead space in the wheel hub.  This protects both the motor and creates a cleaner, more streamlined look.


High power ESC continuous discharge current: 2 * 50A

Your ride will be smooth with our unique double-spring shock absorption experiencing far greater stability whether at high speeds and/or through rough terrain.
It can climb up to 40% to 47% grade hills. Built like a monster truck, the only thing related to a skateboard is the deck, everything else is made from solid aluminum.
This is a real competitor of Baja Board, built even stronger and at half of the price.