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M24 All Wheel drive skateboard
Maple Layered Fiberglass
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Your ride will be smooth with our unique double-spring shock absorption experiencing far greater stability whether at high speeds and/or through rough terrain.The AWD M24 can switch between 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive from the remote. Use the 2 wheel drive for pavement (saving some battery) and the 4 wheel drive for the rough terrain.
It can climb up to 40% to 47% grade hills.
 Built like a monster truck, everything else is made from solid aluminum. 
 There are NO BELTS on this machine, 
it is powered by a new generation of motors.
 Inside each wheel there is a 82 mm Brushless Planetary Gear Motor. 
With the use of gear drives this "board" can go 
extremely fast but can also crawl on rocks exactly like an RC crawler.
★ Independent system development in house 
 ★ Unlike standard trucks where the wheels are bound to each other through the hanger. 
All the wheels are able to travel independently from each other. 
 ★ This system provides significant shock absorption allowing for a buttery smooth ride on all but the roughest terrain. 
 ★ The suspension will also help ensure that all 4 wheels are always touching the ground to 
provide maximum traction to the rider at all time. 
 ★ Comparing the M24 to other mass produced AT boards on the market is like comparing a monster truck to your mom’s car.
Our revolutionary motor positioning is a game changer. 
Our planetary gear motors are not your traditional "hub" motors. 
We removed the motors from behind or under 
the board where they are vulnerable and utilized
 the dead space in the wheel hub. 
 This protects both the motor and creates a cleaner, 
more streamlined look.
It has always been Ecomobl's goal to bring you a special riding experience.
 We have invested a lot of money and put a lot of thought into developing our unique board suspension.
 After 5 years of research, we finally succeeded in making 
a real off-road skateboard. 
Our new suspension system reduces vibration by up to 80%, 
which enables you to handle all terrains better than other skateboards.
Ecomobl the newest ESC provides smooth acceleration
 and braking control, as well as eliminating input lag. 
This ESC is also configured to 50 Amps to give phenomenal acceleration
 and hill climbing capabilities.
1. All ACCESSORIES components including trucks, motor cover, hubs, 
 and truck base are milled from aerospace grade aluminum.
 This board is built to take a beating. 

 2. We protect our batteries through a precision bent, thick aluminum box. 
It's beefy so you don't have to worry.
A favorite in the DIY scene, our 10C cells have
 extremely high continuous amp discharge rates.
 While some cells have only 1 of high capacity or high amperage our battery has both. 
This high amperage ensures powerful torque which translates to better hill climbing, 
better movement of larger riders, faster launch accelerations and
 more power for the M24’s dual 50 amp ESCs to tap into.
 All with less battery sag below 50% charge than other batteries.


1. It is perfectly suitable for you to ride at night. 
The headlight has a lighting range of 15-20 meters.

2. The front, sides and rear of the board are complete with lights which 
can be controlled from the screen remote. 

 3. The screen remote control has the latest features, fixed road speed,
 cruise control, distance traveled and more.

Range: 40-50 km | 25-30 miles (Rider: 65kg) 
Max speed: 45-50 km/h | 27-30 mph
 Incline: 45%-47% Gradient
 Dimension: 43in x 18in x 11in 
Weight: 55 lbs
 Rider weight limit: 330 lbs
 Charge time: 4-6 hrs (with 5amp charger) 
Light: Head light, tail light, body lights 
Remote: Remote with screen 
Wheel size: 8'' wheels
 Deck: 9 layer maple + 2 layer fiber glass
 Waterproof rating: IP56

Unique Suspension SystemDrive: All-Wheel Drive
 Battery: 864 Wh6382
 Motor: 3050 Watts x 4 
Drivetrain: Planetary Gear Drive 
ESC: 50A x 2 
Brakes: Regenerative (Restore 22% of battery)

M24 off road electric skateboard * 
1Screen remote * 
1Standard charger *
 1Ecomobl Bag * 
1Tools * 
1Instruction manual *
  Extra green springs x 4*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brad Bachelor
M24 review.

I bought an m24 late last year. I'd had a cheap old style electric skateboard before that but after a few months unfortunately it got stolen. So I replaced it with the m24.
It is awsome. Extremely powerful and just flys up very steep hills like there is no hill.
I did have a stupid accident when I wasn't even riding it. I was closing a gate when I had the controller hanging from my wrist. I accidentally sent it full throttle in to a steel fence post some of the aluminium parts broke. But I was able through there Custer service to get the parts that I needed to get her back on the road and running like new.
I have also put this board through hell while riding it. Apart from scratching the battery case and the lower brackets of the trucks from bottoming out going over humps on my local bmx track and scrapping gutters that I have ridden over up and down. It seems the only way to break this board is to ghost it into a steel fence post. So just turn the controller off when you get off the board and use your hands to anything else. I have even ridden the m24 down a set of concrete stairs. It took me a few goes to land it but again apart from a few scratches on the bottom it did no damage.
It probably should come with a warning the exceleration is intense. It took me a little while to learn how use the controller properly because it's just so sensitive. I've seen people on social media asking if it's possible to take off slowly. It is but it can take time to get used to the sensitivity of the thumb control throttle. Once you get used to it it's awsome to have that much power literally at the tip of your thumb. If you've never skateboarded before then you probably should learn to ride on a "normal" skateboard first because if you can't skate you will hurt yourself on one of these
It has a top speed of 50kmh. I got to 47 km once it was scary you don't need to go over 50kmh.
In short as long as you don't ghost it into a steel post the board is pretty much unbreakable. But even if you do for about $200 in parts it can be fixed. Awsome board .

Jason Timberlake
Just awesome

If you want a board that will cruise anywhere (and I mean anywhere!),this is the board for you, I recommend straps for ultimate control but it's more than capable for those who don't like the strapped in feel.
This board has been amazing, in eighteen months, never let me down, just a premium product and guaranteed to put a smile on the dial.great service and advice from the team at Ecomobl Aus, top bunch.

Why Ecomobl?
 Welcome to the Ecomobl Family, We know you have many choices and we thank you for choosing us.Ecomobl skateboards is the new next-generation electric off-road skateboard, which is different from other skateboard brands in the market. The Ecomobl skateboard has its own characteristics and unique performance. 
When you receive it, you need to ride more to be able to adapt to it.Our boards are the epitome of sophistication and strength in the Esk8 world, providing the best riding experience in any terrain you want to conquer. 
 Enjoy your board, don't forget to come check in with pics or videos and remember we are always around if you have questions or need some guidance through your first servicing, or just want to chat.  
Ride Hard, ride often and RIDE SAFE! 
  We take customer services extremely seriously. We pride ourselves on customer service in all of our growing territories, and intend to continue to expand or customer support team to give the best service available. 
 If you encounter a problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We could be reached through our email
 Please include a video showing the issue, it will help us diagnosis the problem. Once we review your issue, we will work as fast as possible to resolve it.  
Ecomobl will work with you even if the issue is determined to be out of warranty or a result of user error. We will make our best effort to ensure that you have a great experience within reason. We would be happy to help you with repairs /parts to ensure you can continue to enjoy your board for a long time. 
 Ecomobl is a relatively young company still learning and growing.We understand that we are not perfect and ask for your patience and trust.
Its our promise that we will do our best to ensure you have a great experience.
All machines requires maintenance and care. 
 Ecomobl boards are off road boards and take quite a bit of vibration when used in their natural environment. Check your bolts and screws regularly to see if they are loose. It will save you headaches down the road. 
If you follow up by being great owners, these boards would serve you for a long time. 
 Safe riding guys! 
 ★★★★★Quick PSA: Battery Care GuideAll modern electric skateboards run on lithium batteries. These type batteries offer a significant amount of storage and discharge rate in a very small package. Good care is crucial to extending the battery’s life span and ensuring that it continues to perform. Keep in mind this is not unique to Ecomobl’s boards but would apply to all consumer electronics running on lithium batteries. 
 ★ Do not completely discharge or overchargeOver charging / discharging will cause permanent damage to your battery!Each battery pack comes with a Battery Management System (BMS) that helps avoid over charging / discharge. There are however scenarios that will still cause an over charge / discharge to occur.★ Over Charging – As the board operates on regenerative braking, avoid intense braking (such as braking downhill) when the battery is fully charged. This can cause the BMS to temporarily shut off the board to prevent overcharge. 
 ★ Over Discharge – Avoid running the board’s battery to empty. If you do, charge it back up to 70% as soon as possible. Never store a full discharged board for an extended period of time.
 Avoid extreme temperatures 
 ★ Batteries operate best between 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C) ambient temperatures. 
 ★ They should be stored between -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C).Keep the battery at 70% charge for long term storageNever store a board fully charged or fully discharged.A battery could fall into a deep discharge state when stored fully discharged. This will render it incapable of holding a charge.A battery stored fully charged will lose some capacity, leading to shorter battery life.
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 Country:We can ship to Australia and New Zealand. For other places, please consult
Shipping - How it works : We use TNT for most of our delivers, please make sure you have read the shipping policy. 
 Tax:  GST included. ( New Zealand Customers Excluded, please contact us for further details)
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